“Vegetable garden” playground

Galeria Północna, Warsaw

The leitmotif of the play zone at Galeria Północna in Warsaw is a vegetable garden since the gallery is located near forests and meadows. It is called the green Center of the North. Pro-ecological thinking is consistently promoted throughout the facility by choosing the right materials, specific colors or specific equipment. As the zone was inspired by nature – forest, orchard, yard – all its elements refer to activities performed in the garden. Children learn to recognize leaves – put them in their proper cubbyholes, move flowers on a wire, tomatoes on a bush, adjust gardening tools and vegetables to their outline. Soft toys – colorful rockers, leaves and flowers allow you to build a variety of structures, walk, swing and hide in the holes. For those tired of crazy fun in the square there is a secluded place with a seat and a shelf for books on garden-related subjects. The square is surrounded on one side by a rung fence imitating a garden fence, and on the other by a wall on which sensory toys are placed. There are also a lot of places for parents: the zone is equipped with a countertop for eating meals heated in a microwave, while the shoe cabinet integrated in the zone with a soft seat allows adults to relax and watch the rambunctious children. Also noteworthy – children have fun in the zone without electronics!

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