In totutam we specialize in creating unique play areas for children, both inside and out. Our projects are artistic spaces that fascinate and inspire children and adults. Eye-catching original and artistic forms are created in the studio of Izabela Bołoz – a Polish designer with a global reach, and in connection with the Technical University and Design Academy Eindhoven. All elements are designed with attention to detail and made of high quality, safe materials, giving children unlimited freedom to create and have fun while playing.

Our playgrounds are built by experienced specialists in close cooperation with with designers during the production process. The furniture is made of high quality materials and provides children with full security. All elements of the collection have the required certificates.

how do we work?

We create concepts dedicated to a given space based on ready-made elements, as well as custom projects.

Ready-made items

We can create many interesting and original compositions from our products. We are happy to prepare a project that will fully use the potential of your space.

Custom projects

We cooperate with clients in creating unique concepts dedicated to a given space. With a proven track record and experience, we can design and produce play areas that are fully tailored to your needs.

And that's how it works in practice



We believe that everything starts with a conversation. We tailor every project to the client’s needs, which is why this stage is the most important for us!



We present the project and listen to the client’s comments. Together, we revamp and refine the concept in several stages.



We work with our suppliers and build a zone.



It’s time to have fun! It’s what comes naturally to kids.